Box art - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Switch Motion Blur On or Off?

At long last, Geralt’s final(?) tale has landed on Nintendo Switch, thanks to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Switch port. While there are many things to like about this port, The Witcher 3 Switch motion blur might cause a few headaches. Do you want to turn The Witcher 3 Switch motion blur on or off? In this guide, we’ll let you know whether turn The Switcher’s motion blur option off or on and the reasons for either. We’re blurring the lines between helpful and really helpful here at GameRevolution.

The Witcher 3 Switch Motion Blur on or off?

As with many modern games, The Witcher 3 on Switch features motion blur, which you can either turn on or off, depending on your preference. This graphical feature looks great in motion, but it doesn’t make for the best screenshots. Is it better, therefore, to turn motion blur off in The Witcher 3 on Switch? We’d argue that in certain situations, at least, that you should turn the motion blur option off.

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The Witcher 3 on Switch looks impressive in motion, with its motion blur adding to the graphical prowess of the port. We’d argue you should leave it on if you just plan on playing the game without taking any cool or pretty photos. This doesn’t translate in screenshots, however, which often come out blurry. This is a pain as there will be plenty of moments during your time with The Witcher 3 on Switch where you will want to grab a screen of a lush view or cool moment. To get the most out of your screenshots, you will definitely want to turn the motion blur option off.

To remove The Witcher 3 Switch motion blur, simply head into the display options. Head to “Postprocessing” and you’ll see options for “Motion Blur” and “Blur.” You can turn either option on or off however you see fit. Again, if blurry screenshots aren’t your thing, we’d recommend turning motion blur off, at least.