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Borderlands 3 Invincible Glitch | How to gain invincibility

If you’ve been having a hard time with Gearbox Software and 2K Games’ latest FPS RPG mashup, then we come bearing news of a new discovery just for you. The Borderlands 3 invincible glitch allows players, of course, to become completely impervious to incoming damage and easily survive even the most challenging of encounters that the game can throw at them. Here’s what you need to know about how to activate it.

How to be invincible in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 invincible glitch

In order to completely negate every point of enemy damage, no matter which Vault Hunter you’ve elected to play as, you’ll first need to acquire an artifact with the perk that grants “Temporary Invulnerability when health drops below 50%.” Due to the random nature of Borderlands 3‘s loot system, you may already have one such item or you may still have some more shooting and looting to do before you’re equipped to activate the invincibility cheat.

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When you do have one such artifact, equip it and drop your health to below 50% by any means in order to trigger its potent temporary invulnerability effect. At this point, bring up the inventory screen and switch out your artifact for any other single artifact you happen to be carrying. This will make the temporary effect indefinite instead, allowing you to become completely invulnerable until you either quit out of the game or fast travel to a new location, at which stage it’s possible to trigger the glitch again.

Utilize this exploit at your own risk, as it’s likely that the developers won’t be keen on players making liberal use of it. You’ll most likely also need to hop on the bandwagon quickly, whatever platform you’re playing on, as a fumble this monumental in nature will likely be atop the list of issues to fix in the next Borderlands 3 update.