When will Pokemon Masters maintenance end?

Trainers are currently encountering problems when attempting to play the latest mobile Pokemon game on their iOS and Android devices. Pokemon Masters maintenance is ongoing in Ver.1.2..1.1850 of the game, preventing players from accessing any of its features until the process is eventually completed.

When can I start playing Pokemon Masters again?

Pokemon Masters maintenance

According to the official Pokemon Masters Twitter account today’s maintenance is not routine, but “emergency.” This presumably means that an unexpected issue has cropped up and the development team has resultantly taken the game offline while they immediately implement necessary fixes. Unfortunately, due to the sudden nature of the issue at hand, it’s currently hard to predict when the ongoing work might be scheduled to conclude.

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Maintenance began two and a half hours ago at the time of writing, which means that it’s already taken longer than most pre-planned maintenance shutdowns. There haven’t yet been any further updates from the game’s social media channels, though they are promised to be made whenever possible; you can find the relevant links on the Pokemon Masters website.

With the game being entirely offline, there’s nothing that eager players can do besides wait it out patiently. Fiddling with your internet connection, deleting and redownloading the application, rebooting, and any other general fixes won’t do anything to help the situation as the problem is not based on the user end.

When attempting to login players will be assigned with a Support ID, however. This random string of numbers and letters can be quoted to a Pokemon Masters support staff member in order for them to investigate a problem, though it’s unlikely that anything other than a canned response with regards to the ongoing maintenance would be provided. Potentially they could have an ETA, but nothing more beyond that.

Just find a way to occupy yourself, maybe by switching over to Pokemon GO, then before you know it Masters should be back up and running.