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Diner Dash Rush iPhone Cheats


Tap on customers to select them. Once you’ve selected a group of customers, you can then tap on a table to seat them.

When seating customers, it might be a good idea to color coordinate the customers to their seats where available. You will receive bonus points for doing so.

When the customers have finished eating, you will need to take their checks before they can leave the restaurant. Make sure you complete this quickly so that the next customers can be seated soon after.

Happy Hour makes every customer worth more points, customers will not get angry and impatient, and you will receive a huge influx of customers.

Boosts can make the rounds you play easier, so you should use them if you are struggling in meeting customers’ demands.

Charming Flo boost will improve your customers’ patience, in turn taking much longer for the customers to get angry.

Fast Flo is a boost that offers the ability for Flo to move faster.

Full Hands Flo offers the ability to have Flo carry four items at once.

Mega Boosts are another tier of boosts that offer instant help when you need it the most.