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Who has a ribbon in Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour is one of the biggest mobile games in 2019, with new Tours and challenges constantly arriving to the game to keep players entertained. One of the latest Tour challenges requires players to do 20 Jump Boosts in a race using a driver with a ribbon. In order to complete this challenge, you’re going to need to know who has a ribbon in Mario Kart Tour. So, let’s take a look.

Mario Kart Tour Drivers with a Ribbon

Who has a ribbon in Mario Kart Tour?

There are a handful of drivers in Mario Kart Tour, but only a few of them have a ribbon in their hair. In the list below, you’ll find all of the characters who have a ribbon in Mario Kart Tour.

  • Peachette
  • Peach Kimono
  • Wendy

As you can see, there are only three drivers who have a ribbon in Mario Kart Tour. This means that if you want to complete the Tour challenge, you’ll have to have one of these characters unlocked. If you don’t have any of these drivers yet, you’ll need to earn Rubies so that you can fire the Pipe. Unfortunately, the Pipe rewards are random, meaning you might not get the reward that you’re looking for. However, it’s not too difficult to get Rubies, so you should be able to save up enough to try again fairly soon.

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The second part of the challenge will require players to know how to do a Jump Boost in Mario Kart Tour. Thankfully, you don’t really have to do anything to perform a Jump Boost, aside from drive off of ramps or anything that will cause you to be off the ground. As you land back on the ground, you’ll automatically perform a Jump Boost. Completing this Tour challenge will earn players two Stars, which can be used to unlock new Cups.