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Stardew Valley | No free slots on server error fix

Sometimes when starting a Stardew Valley multiplayer game, you’ll be confronted with an error saying there are no free slots on the server. There are a few different issues that can cause this message, but they’re all pretty easy to take care of. Read on below to find out what to do when confronted by the no free slots error message in Stardew Valley.

What causes the “no free slots” error message in Stardew Valley?

The no free slots error in Stardew Valley is typically caused by the lack of available cabins in a game. Each player who wants to join a Stardew Valley server must choose a cabin and create a character. Characters are tied to cabins, so no free cabins means no free character slots.

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While the no free slots error message could be a little more helpful, it is pretty descriptive. It’s just saying that there aren’t enough open spaces available for your party to join the game.

How to fix the “no free slots” error in Stardew Valley

The easiest and most common fix for the no free slots message is to make sure there are enough empty cabins for your group. That means you either need to:

Make sure the appropriate amount of cabins are selected when starting a new game.

On an existing save, load single-player, speak with Robin, and have her build the number of cabins you need.

Each empty cabin represents a slot. Therefore, if you have three empty cabins, three friends and you can play together. However, sometimes, things aren’t that easy. If you’re still having issues with the no free slots error, you can try the following:

Make sure the cabins are really empty. Sometimes a friend might accidentally create two characters. If that’s the case, you’ll need to load the game in single-player and delete the appropriate cabin. Beware, though, deleting a cabin also deletes the character associated with it, so make double sure you’re getting rid of the right one.