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Can you change to third-person in The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds third-person camera sounds like it would be included in the game. After all, all of the modern Fallout titles let you do this and this game is very Fallout-esque, which makes sense given Obsidian’s heritage. But it is a new game and that means new rules. So can you change to 3rd in The Outer Worlds? If so, how do you change the camera?

The Outer Worlds Third-Person Camera | Can you play in 3rd person?

The Outer Worlds Third-Person Camera | Can you play in third-person?

Sadly, you cannot change the camera to a third-person view in The Outer Worlds. This game is locked into a third-person view at almost all times. So while other games of this ilk let you play them as third-person shooters, The Outer Worlds is not one of them. If you idle long enough without moving, th camera does shoot out to third-person, letting you see your usually-hidden character as it rotates around you. But that is it. Once you hit anything, the camera instantly jumps back to where it is supposed to be: on your noggin.

Is an Outer Worlds third-person camera coming?

If you’re hoping for someone to mod in a third-person, then you’re out of luck too. Modding won’t be in the game when it launches on October 25. But Obsidian hasn’t ruled that functionality out entirely. It could come somewhere down the line.

“We’d love for players to be able to mod,” said Co-Director Leonard Boyarsky to Game Informer. “We’re going to look into that after we ship, in terms of what kind of support we can have for it.”

This obviously has wider implications than just a camera mod as no one will be able to add anything to game for at least a little while. Boyarsky also joked by saying that the play was “to release a game that players won’t have to finish on their own this time.”