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How to use The Outer Worlds fast travel

The Outer Worlds fast travel system may seem counterintuitive since most people would probably want to wander around its desolate planets and hunt for loot. But sometimes, you just need to get somewhere quickly. This is where fast travel comes into play. So if you want to know how to fast travel in The Outer Worlds, find out below.

How to fast travel in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Fast Travel | How to do it

Figuring out how to fast travel in The Outer Worlds is incredibly simple. First, open up your menu with the touchpad on PS4 or View button on Xbox One. Then tab over to your map with the shoulder buttons. Any place with the blue circle on the map like in the above picture can be fast traveled to, which you can see in the legend in the top right of the picture. This includes many places of interest like giant, important buildings, hub areas full of people, and more. Just press the correct button (X on PS4 and A on Xbox One) and you’ll be able to fast travel to that location after a loading screen.

But you can’t just fast travel around whenever you like. You can’t fast travel during combat, which most games do let you do anyway. You also need to first discover a location to be able to warp back there. You’ll notice this when you play as a box will pop up on the middle of the right side of screen saying, “[Location name] Discovered +400XP” or something like that. You can’t fast travel to every location you discover, but that is usually a decent sign that you can. The game will also tell you what locations you can fast travel to when you discover them.

You also can’t fast travel if you are encumbered. You’ll get a pop up the first time this happens but you’ll only be able to tell once you pick up something and are no longer able to run or jump. You’ll have to buy the Traveler perk to be able to fast travel, which is located in the first perk tree.