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WWE 2K20 Download Size | PC, PS4, Xbox One

The WWE 2K20 download size details have been revealed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Each platform will require a different amount of storage space, and this guide will give you the details on how much room you’ll need to install the game. Not only that, but we’ll also reveal how big the day one patch for the wrestling title is. This launch day update will be needed to play it, so you’ll have to install this too. Read our WWE 2K20 download size article for all of the information you need before diving into the ring.

WWE 2K20 Download Size | How big is the file?

WWE 2K20 Download Size

Depending on what platform you’ll be playing on, you’ll need to make more or less room than people on other platforms. First off, those on PS4 will be pleased to know that you’ll require the least amount of storage space. The PS4 version clocks in at 47.09 GB, which isn’t a massive amount.

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Next, Xbox One users will need to have 49.56 GB available. We’re not sure why there’s a 2 GB jump here, but you’ll have to make some room if your storage is clogged up. Finally, people playing on PC via Steam will need to have 50 GB of space free to install the game.

WWE 2K20 Download Size | Day one patch

WWE 2K20 Download Size

As for the size of the day one patch, it’s expected to be a massive one. According to prominent WWE 2K gamer Starstruck, the update will set you back 20 GB. That’s on top of the above values too, so you’ll need at least 70 GB of space on your PC to even play the game.

Quite why this update is so big is unknown. We suspect that there are a ton of bug fixes and other tweaks that required sorting out in the time between shipping the game and actually releasing it. Hopefully you’ll all have decent internet speeds to download the patch and get into the game as soon as possible on launch day.