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The Outer Worlds Download Size | PC, PS4, Xbox One

Explorers, it’s time to find out how big the The Outer Worlds download size is. Regardless of whether you’ll be playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll have to clear some space from your packed hard drive to install it. Our guide gives you the details on how much storage space it’ll require, as well as explain how large the day one patch will be. Check out our The Outer Worlds download size article for more, and get ready for some adventure.

The Outer Worlds Download Size | How much space do I need?

The Outer Worlds Download Size

As you’ve probably gathered, the size of the game for each platform is wildly different. There’s quite a gulf in how big it is between a couple of platforms, so read on below to see which ones will require the most and least storage space to install.

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  • PC: 40 GB
  • PS4: 20.49 GB
  • Xbox One: 36.78 GB

It seems odd that the PS4 version will require effectively half of the storage space that PC gamers will need. With the potential for 4K resolution and greater running speeds on computers, however, it makes sense for the game to be larger on PC than PS4. That isn’t the case for PS4 and Xbox One, given that both consoles are similar in terms of power. However, game developer Obsidian Entertainment is now owned by Microsoft, so it stands to reason that the Xbox One edition will have a little something extra when compared with the PS4 one.

The Outer Worlds Download Size | Day one patch

The Outer Worlds Download Size

As for how big the day one update will be, we also have information on that. This also differs from platform to platform, so have a look below to see how much extra room you’ll need to create:

  • PC: 0 GB (Included in the main game download)
  • PS4: 18 GB
  • Xbox One: 38 GB

Again, it seems striking that the Xbox One version will require a day one update that’s twice the size of the PS4 patch. It’s possible that more bugs and other tweaks were needed for this edition. Just make sure you have more storage space to download this patch too, otherwise you won’t be able to play on launch day.