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Cannon Crasha iPhone Cheats


Every 5 seconds, you get to shoot so make every shot count!

You can protect your castle with the use of beams, but make sure you don’t actually place them in front of your cannon.

Place a beam at the base of your castle so that any incoming orcs and low-placed shots fist have to go through it before getting to the castle.

Whenever you can save up for the dragon. It costs 300 coins, but make sure you get it to make things a lot easier for you.

Use Missile shots when you really want to kill certain Orc or other baddies.

Use the special cannon balls - The Fireball is the best choice for causing some extra damage, while the split ball is excellent if you are dealing with dragons or a lot of incoming units.

Wind changes at random intervals, so make sure that you always keep an eye on the flag indicating the power of the wind.

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