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Red Dead Online Halloween Mask Unlocks | Madam Nazar Location

What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than by donning some spooky masks in your favorite Western MMO? But before that, you need to follow these Red Dead Online Halloween mask unlocks guide to let you in on this awesome treat, with absolutely no tricks included. Madam Nazar has a few masks in store that will turn your character into a frightening opponent, and this is your chance to get one of them.

Red Dead Online Halloween Mask Unlocks | How to get a free mask

Red Dead Online Halloween Mask Unlocks Swine Mask Madam Nazar Location

To celebrate the All Hallows’ Eve, Madam Nazar is offering masks for a limited time only, including the Freak Mask, the Creature Mask, and the macabre Swine Mask. You may get one mask only, or you can get all three and more if you fulfill the prerequisites that Rockstar expects from you.

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To receive any of the three masks, you need to be in one of the three Specialist Roles. The masks are entirely free of charge, but they won’t appear instantly in your Red Dead Online Wardrobe. You’ll have to wait at least 24 hours from logging into the game for the reward to be available. Let’s see which mask Madam Nazar has for you:

  • Bounty Hunters will earn an exclusive model of the Creature Mask.
  • Collectors are in for a limited model of the Masquerade Mask.
  • Traders will receive an exclusive edition of the Swine Mask.

There are additional ways to earn exclusive editions of some masks. If you are an Outlaw Pass holder and have hit Club Rank 10, there is an exclusive variation of the Freak Mask waiting for you; if you are a Club Rank 20 Outlaw Pass holder, you get this mask plus an exclusive model of the Horror Mask. If you play GTA Online as well, you can receive a unique colorway of the Slaughter Mask simply by playing before December 12, 2019.

Red Dead Online Halloween Mask Unlocks | Where is Madam Nazar?

Red Dead Online Halloween Mask Unlocks Madam Nazar Location

Madam Nazar isn’t exactly easy to find in Red Dead Online. You may spot her by looking at the world map and searching for a round icon with an X. However, she is prone to moving around the game world quite often, so finding her new location is obviously tricky.

If you have previously purchased a Collector’s Map from Madam Nazar and activated it, you can easily pinpoint her location on the map. If you didn’t, you can always get some help from the Red Dead Online Reddit community, where other Wild West adventurers keep track of the Madam Nazar location every day.