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Destiny 2 Duty Bound | How to get the Savathun’s Song Nightfall-exclusive loot drop

Each of Destiny 2’s pre-Shadowkeep Nightfall strikes include a piece of unique legendary gear for players to collect. The Savathun’s Song Nightfall in the New Pacific Arcology on Titan can reward players with the Duty Bound auto rifle. This Destiny 2 Duty Bound guide has all the info you need to know about Duty Bound possible rolls and about how to get the weapon to drop.

How to get the Duty Bound auto rifle in Destiny 2

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Like all Nightfall-specific loot, obtaining Duty Bound is a matter of chance. As usual, there’s no in-game indications about Nightfall-specific rewards’ drop rates, but players have figured out some possible solutions to increase your chance of getting this special loot. According to research by Reddit user u/RiseOfBacon, scoring above the “Highest score” threshold on a Nightfall increases the drop rate of Nightfall loot. You’ll need to beat the Nightfall with more than 200,000 points, then equip the newly unlocked high-score version of the Nightfall’s emblem. You can do this by entering the emblem’s details screen in your inventory. Doing so will increase the chances of earning the loot on subsequent runs.

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Duty Bound stats and perk rolls in Destiny 2

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Duty Bound is an Adaptive Frame auto rifle, giving it well-rounded stats. As with other Nightfall rewards, Duty Bound drops with a predetermined perk set (which is probably a good thing, since randomizing its perks would make the farming process even more grind-heavy). For the sights, Duty Bound has the option of Fastdraw IS, which increases handling speed and slightly increases range, and Red Dot ORS-1, which increases range and handling speed. Duty Bound comes with a choice of Ricochet Rounds, which bounce off hard surfaces, or Accurized Rounds, which increases range. Finally, players can select either Zen Moment, which increases stability when causing damage, or Rampage, which increases damage with kills, for Duty Bound’s traits.

Appearance-wise, Duty Bound resembles both the armor of Titan planetary vendor Sloane (with bluish coloring and three medal-like details) and the look of the Monte Carlo (with a large blade attached to the front).