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How to unlock Ribbie in WWE 2K20

2K Sports’ latest professional wrestling game, developed for the first time in collaboration with Visual Concepts instead of Yuke’, is out now and people are finding themselves transfixed by one wrestler in particular. Rather than any official WWE Superstar, it’s the fictional Ribbie WWE 2K20 character. This sentient (and presumably quite succulent) barbecue rib is an official member of the WWE 2K20 roster, but how can you unlock and play as him? Here’s what you need to know.

How do you play as Ribbie in WWE 2K20?

Ribbie WWE 2K20

In order to unlock the original Ribbie character, you’ll need to progress through the game’s MyCAREER mode. In this year’s title, players will create two co-protagonists for the first time ever, one male and one female, then take them from being high school students with lofty aspirations to the top of the WWE food chain.

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At this early stage, it isn’t known whether Ribbie is unlocked as a reward at the end of the story chapter he features in or after MyCAREER has been completed in its entirety. Either way, all you need to do in order to unlock Ribbie is kick back and enjoy the kooky narrative found in this year’s installment of the game.

If you’re curious to know more about Ribbie, here are a few facts we’ve been able to glean from his entrance commentary. Ribbie hails from Memphis, Tennessee and weighs in a 195 lbs, which makes him a cruiserweight. He’s a minor league baseball mascot both named Ribbie and styled upon a barbecue rib after the baseball statistic RBI (run batted in), which is sometimes referred to as “rib.”

His overall character rating of 60 makes Ribbie incredibly underpowered compared to other WWE Superstars, which isn’t surprising given his lack of training. Taking Ribbie online and using him to beat the competition, however, could prove to be the ultimate form of flex.