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Borderlands 3 Conference Call | How to farm the Legendary shotgun

Developer Gearbox Software filled the third entry in its series of popular looter shooters with over 1 billion guns, but only a select few are considered Legendary. Even then, few Legendaries attract specific attention like the Borderlands 3 Conference Call weapon. This sought-after shotgun is a significant threat to any enemies you encounter, so here’s exactly what you need to do in order to get your hands on it.

Where to farm Conference Call in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Conference Call

If you were an existing Borderlands fan before 2K Games published the recent threequel, you may already be familiar with the Conference Call Legendary shotgun. It previously featured in Borderlands 2 and was a popular fixture there, so the developers saw fit to bring it back, much to the pleasure of excitable fans.

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Whether you’re hungry for a hit of nostalgia or eager to wield the weapon for the first time, here’s how you can most easily farm the Hyperion boomstick:

  • From Sanctuary III, travel to the planet Promethea
  • On Promethea, make your way to the Atlas HQ fast travel station
  •  Head for the large Atlas building that towers over this area; it’s to the north on your map
  • Upon entering the “Lobby of Self-Actualization,” proceed straight forward until you reach a lift
  • Ride the lift up to reach a swanky office, then drop through the hole in the floor to trigger the Katagawa Jr. boss fight
  • Defeat Katagawa Jr. and check for the Conference Call amongst the loot he drops
  • If it isn’t there, quit to the main menu and then resume the game to be placed at the checkpoint before the boss
  • Keep killing Katagawa Jr. as many times as necessary until the desired Legendary drops (this is based on luck)

Being a Hyperion firearm, the Conference Call deploys a front-facing protective shield when the player aims down sights, but in this instance, it also serves to replenish ammo upon absorbing hits. That’s pretty cool and all, but perhaps the main appeal is that it’s a weapon which allows you to get up in enemies’ faces and hit them like a truck.