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WWE 2K20 how to get The Fiend | Where is Bray Wyatt?

Lots of professional wrestling fans that have gotten their hands on the latest WWE 2K game are currently asking themselves: “Is The Fiend missing?” If you can’t find Bray Wyatt’s haunting new character amongst the Superstars on your playable roster, your problem could be one of a few different things. So, without further ado, here’s how to get The Fiend in WWE 2K20.

How do you play as The Fiend Bray Wyatt in WWE2K20?

how to get The Fiend in WWE 2K20

As mentioned above, there are a few steps to take in order to ensure that you’re ready to go, but even then, players will need to endure a little bit of a wait before being able to play as Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt. Here’s what you need to do and when you can expect to start terrorizing your opponents as the spooky character.

  • If you preordered WWE 2K20 digitally:
  1. Ensure that you’ve downloaded the free “Bump in the Night” add-on from your chosen platform’s digital storefront
  • If you preordered WWE 2K20 physically:
  1. Ensure that you’ve redeemed the key found on the “Bump in the Night” card insert on your chosen platform’s digital storefront
  2. With the “Bump in the Night” 2K Originals content now installed, players will need to wait until Monday, October 28, 2019
  3. At this point, The Fiend will be made playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
  4. If you did not preorder WWE 2K20, you’ll need to buy the DLC when it’s made available for standalone purchase at $14.99

Many fans are experiencing frustration at the delay, as Bray Wyatt and all the additional Bump in the Night content was heavily featured in the game’s promotional material and pre-launch previews. Some believe that this gave the impression that The Fiend would be playable from day one, but sadly, that hasn’t been the case. At least there’s not long to wait until the character is made playable now.