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Pokemon Go Rocket Radar | How to find Team Go Rocket leaders

Professor Willow has shared his latest breakthrough with every trainer: the Pokemon Go Rocket Radar. The professor is on the lookout for every bit of info that he can get on Team Rocket Go, and his new discovery may be the piece of the puzzle that will push the investigation forward. The mysterious objects that Team Go Rocket Grunts drop when they are beaten may serve a purpose after all. But first you need to know where they are so here’s how to find the Team Go Rocket leaders in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Rocket Radar | Discover the Team Go Rocket leaders

Pokemon Go Rocket Radar

Professor Willow suspects that the mysterious components work like a puzzle, where the pieces will fit together to create a working device. He is calling his early prototype the Pokemon Go Rocket Radar, and while this is clearly a big step in the right direction, the device isn’t fully functional yet. However, these are great news and should be looked upon as a major breakthrough.

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Finding the components that make the Pokemon Go Rocket Radar is probably the easiest part. Trainers must look for PokéStops that were hacked by Team Go Rocket Grunts, which are notoriously easy to find; you just have to watch out for discolored and glitchy PokéStops.

The Pokemon Go Rocket Radar will be used to discover where the Team Go Rocket leaders are hiding, with one of the names in every trainer’s mind being the enigmatic Giovanni, the alleged boss of the outfit with a penchant for photobombing. Professor Willow is now asking for the help of team leaders to further investigate this matter.

If everything goes as expected, Professor Willow will surely return in a couple of days to share his progress with all the Pokemon Go trainers. We are all expecting a significant advance that will finally put us on the hunt for the inscrutable Team Go Rocket leaders, who are surely a force to be reckoned with.