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Destiny 2 Darkness in the Light | How to get Malfeasance

Along with the expansion’s new activities and loot, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep re-hauled the game’s quest system, introducing a dedicated quest tab in the director. Unfortunately for new or returning players, this means walls of tasks, often with vague or even completely unstated rewards and objectives, which can make it even more confusing when a quest like Darkness in the Light shows up. This Destiny 2 Darkness in the Light guide will tell you how to get the Seething Heart to start the quest and how to complete its various steps, unlocking the Malfeasance exotic hand cannon.

How to get The Seething Heart to begin Destiny 2 Darkness in the Light

One of the most difficult parts of this quest is getting it in the first place. In order to begin Darkness in the Light, you’ll have to first acquire The Seething Heart quest item. The Seething Heart is a drop from the Ascendant Primeval Servitor boss in Gambit. Killing this boss isn’t any more difficult than defeating other Gambit bosses, but since Gambit Primevals are randomized, there’s no way to guarantee that the Primeval Servitor will spawn. Making matters worse is that you won’t know which Primeval you’re facing until the end of the match, so there’s no way to avoid playing an entire match just to find you’re facing an unhelpful boss. Additionally, The Seething Heart will only drop if you successfully win the match in which the Primeval Servitor has spawned.

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Luckily, the Primeval Servitor has a higher chance of spawning in weeks where the Dreaming City’s curse is at its strongest. You can tell if this is the case in any given week if Dreaming City vendor Petra Venj is located in the northern part of the Dreaming City destination map. Once you have The Seething Heart, head to the Tower to speak with the Drifter.

How to complete City of Secrets, The Corrupted, and Depleted Weapon Core in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 drifter malfeasance

After visiting the Drifter, you’ll be sent to kill 25 Taken bosses in the Dreaming City. The fastest way to complete this City of Secrets quest step is to play the Blind Well activity in the Dreaming City. At the end of the activity, several boss-level Taken will spawn. Make sure you damage them, or else they won’t count toward your goal. If you’re having trouble finding other players to complete the activity with, return to orbit and come back to the Blind Well area until you find a group. Otherwise, head to Petra and grab some Blind Well tokens to start the activity yourself (though you’ll probably need some friends to help you beat it). Alternatively, you could grind Taken Blight public events or the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in the Rheasilvia area of the Dreaming City.

After you’ve killed the 25 Taken bosses, you’ll have to complete a special version of the “The Corrupted” strike, accessed through the Dreaming City destination map. You’ll then receive the Depleted Weapon Core quest item, which will send you back to the Drifter.

Business as Usual and Lights Out tips | Mote-depositing and Guardian-killing

The next two steps will send you back into Gambit. First, you’ll have to win 10 Gambit matches and bank 400 Motes. This would take quite a bit of time anyway, but losing Motes will also subtract two times the amount of progress you would have gained for depositing those Motes. For example, if you’re at 35/400 Motes deposited and you die while carrying 15 Motes, you’ll lose 30 Motes of progress, dropping your total to just 5/400. This means conserving Motes is extremely important for Business as Usual. We recommend depositing Motes as soon a wave of enemies ends in order to avoid big losses. Don’t feel bad about running from a fight if you’re close to death and holding Motes, either.

For the next step, Lights Out, you’ll need some PvP skills. You’ll have to kill 25 Guardians as an invader, but the real challenge is killing all four opposing Guardians during one invasion. Your best bet for this step is using a heavy weapon to kill your enemies quickly, and use the Taken enemies the opposing team is fighting as a distraction. You also have the option of having a teammate complete this same feat three times (as opposed to the one time you’d need to do it), so make some talented friends and get out there.

Destiny 2 Darkness in the Light reward | Malfeasance exotic hand cannon

Destiny 2 malfeasance perks

After completing Lights Out, you’ll get the Dark Weapon Core quest item, which you can exchange with the Drifter for the Malfeasance exotic hand cannon. Malfeasance’s exotic perk, Explosive Shadow, causes enemies to explode after landing five shots on them. The weapon also does bonus damage to Taken and Gambit invaders.