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The Outer Worlds level cap and how to reach it fast

The Outer Worlds level cap is the max level you can hit while playing the game. The level cap is reached after you’ve gained enough XP throughout your adventure in the Halcyon system, with this XP then being used to invest in skills and perks for you and your companions. After you hit the level cap, you will not be able to gain any more levels with your character.

The Outer Worlds level cap

The level cap in The Outer Worlds is level 30. We found during our playthroughs that the campaign can usually be completed when players around the level 25-26 mark, meaning that the XP can continue to be racked up after the game has ended.

While this level cap may seem small, the time it takes between levels is significant, so it will still be a good number of hours before you hit The Outer Worlds‘ max level.

Below we’ve detailed how you can hit The Outer Worlds max level quickly:

How to reach The Outer Worlds level cap fast

To reach The Outer Worlds level cap fast, you’re going to need to focus on the game’s XP-earning activities. These are as follows:

  1. Completing main quests
  2. Completing side-quests
  3. Completing companion quests
  4. Choosing specialized dialog options
  5. Hacking and lockpicking
  6. Killing enemies

How to earn XP fast in The Outer Worlds

the outer worlds level cap fast

Each of these activities will allow you to earn XP fast and reach the level cap quickly in The Outer Worlds:

Complete main quests

The main quests are often the lengthiest quests in the game, and therefore offer the most XP. The main quests appear in the quest menu at the top, with them being the best way to progress through the game. However, if you want to maximize the amount of XP you receive, you won’t want to solely focus on completing them; exploring each planet and completing side-quests is also beneficial.

Complete side-quests

Side-quests won’t offer as much XP as main quests, though they’re typically easier to complete. Side-quests can be found by talking to NPCs in each planet and helping them with tasks that they need carrying out. There are a variety of different side-quests in The Outer Worlds, from simple fetch quests through to sorting out disputes between feuding characters, but they each offer XP that will aid you on your way to the max level cap.

Complete companion quests

Your companions will have their own quests that they’ll want you to complete. In order to add a companion quest to your quest log, make sure you strike up a conversation with them when they ask to speak to you. After doing so, they’ll give you a quest to embark on that will grant you XP when completed.

Choose specialized dialog options

When in conversation with NPCs, make sure you routinely choose the specialized dialog options you have access to. Opting to lie, persuade, intimidate, or use a tech skill like science or engineering when talking to an NPC grants you a small amount of XP, and considering that these options are routinely presented to you, this XP all adds up over time.

Hacking and lockpicking

Another great way to gain XP outside of quests is to hack and lockpick doors and containers. You’ll need Mag-Locks in order to do this, which can be found in the game’s world. In order to hack, you’ll need to increase your hacking skill, which will allow you to access terminals and previously concealed data. Each of these activities will grant you additional XP.

Killing enemies

Killing enemies or your companions killing enemies will grant you extra XP. Do this throughout the game world by taking on alien enemies such as raptidons, or by taking on the various gangs of marauders that you’ll encounter. The stronger the enemy, the more XP you’ll receive.