Box art - The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds | Can you change appearance?

The Outer Worlds allows players to create their own characters, though many are inevitably unhappy with their choices and are wondering if there’s a way to change appearance after their initial decision. So is there an Outer Worlds change appearance option, or are you left with the same appearance from beginning to end?

Is there an Outer Worlds change appearance option?

Yes, you can change your appearance in The Outer Worlds. Sort of. There are various armor sets you can pick up while traveling through the Halcyon system, with the body armor and helmets you equip allowing you to customize your appearance. However, this doesn’t affect your general appearance, which cannot be changed.

The appearance you choose at the start of the game will remain your appearance throughout the game. While you can respec your character, meaning you can change their attributes and skills, your appearance will go unalerted from start to finish, aside from the armor you can pick up.

The Outer Worlds is a first-person game, meaning you’ll rarely see your character’s appearance anyway. The only time you’ll be confronted by their appearance is in the menu or when you go idle, at which point the camera switches to third-person.

Still, you’ll want to make sure that you’re comfortable with the appearance of your character before you begin on your adventure. No one wants to go wandering outer space with a bad-looking player-character, so make sure that you’ve invested some time into getting their design down before you set out.

Failing that, The Outer Worlds allows for multiple saves, so if you’re that unhappy with your character’s appearance then you can start up a fresh save with a better-looking character. We’d argue that’d be a slight overreaction, but hey, at least it’s a possibility in The Outer Worlds!