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The Outer Worlds Map Size | How big are the maps?

The Outer Worlds map size is going to be a big question for its audience, especially since many of them are going to be coming from Fallout. That series was known for its large maps and developer Obsidian is intimately familiar with both as it worked on Fallout New Vegas and The Outer Worlds. So how big is the map in The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds map size

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You’ll notice that it says “maps” because there is no one big map in The Outer Worlds. The game is broken down into planets and separate zones within those planets. They vary vastly in size too. For example, the above picture is of the Emerald Vale portion of Terra 2, the first planet you visit. The map below is a map of the Roseway Gardens section of Terra 2, which is the second part of that first planet. They are separate areas of the same planet. They all also have towns and interior areas that you load separately into as well. It takes only a few minutes on foot to go from end to end.

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The biggest area is the exploration portion of Monarch, as you can see below. It big enough to go just beyond the limits of the map screen in that picture.

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The Groundbreaker is a moderately sized ship, as the picture below shows (keep it mind that it isn’t quite zoomed all the way out). But it is packed full of characters to talk to and has a few floors but won’t take long to traverse.

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None of them individually compare with the gigantic areas of games like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption 2. They might not even compare if they were scrunched up against each other. Regardless, The Outer Worlds isn’t small and doesn’t have much, or any, filler space. It’s more dense than other games even if it isn’t as big in any one area.