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How to get blueprints in Modern Warfare and equip them

Getting blueprints in Modern Warfare allows you to amp up your guns with some unique designs. Blueprints not only give you a highly customized weapon, but they also allow you to access some attachments and weapons perks before you unlock them normally. The system to equip blueprints to your gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare isn’t the most intuitive, so we’ll show you how to unlock and use them before.

How do I get blueprints in Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare Blueprint missions

Right now, there are two ways to get blueprints in Modern Warfare:

  • Buy the Operator or Operator Enhanced Edition
  • Earn them in multiplayer

If you buy one of the two Operator editions you get:

  • XRK M4 – M4A1 Legendary Blueprint
  • XRK .357 – .357 Legendary Blueprint
  • 1337 Skeet – Model 680 Common Blueprint
  • Grassy Knoll – HDR Common Blueprint
  • Javelina – 1911 Rare Blueprint
  • Blue Silence – Epic Combat Knife Blueprint

If you buy the regular edition you’ll have to start from scratch. Luckily, you can begin earning blueprints from the get-go. However, you have to remember to equip a blueprint mission to do so.

Steps to equip a blueprint mission:

  1. Go to the Barracks Screen in multiplayer or co-op
  2. Select “Multiplayer Challenges”
  3. Switch to the “Missions” tab
  4. Scroll to the mission you want to undertake and press the confirm button to equip it

Each of these missions has a series of objectives you have to complete to earn the blueprint. For example, the “Boot Camp” mission requires you to:

  1. Complete 1 Public Match
  2. Get 5 Public Match Kills
  3. Call in a Killstreak
  4. Get 3 Kills using Lethal Equipment
  5. Win 1 Public Match

For completing each objective, you’ll get a small reward like bonus XP and a calling card. Note that you have to complete each objective in order. Once you finish the final one, you’ll receive the blueprint, and you’ll need to select a new mission to continue earning new blueprints.

How to equip a blueprint in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Piercer Armory

Once you have a blueprint in Modern Warfare, you can equip it to a gun. One of the things that makes blueprints so useful is that they give you access to weapons and attachments without the need to level up. For example, the Piercer blueprint you get from the Boot Camp mission I mentioned above is an MP7, which is usually the last SMG you unlock.

Using the Piercer blueprint as an example, you can equip it by:

  1. Go to the weapons tab in multiplayer or co-op
  2. Select “Edit Loadouts”
  3. Choose any loadout
  4. Bring up the screen to select a Primary Weapon
  5. Scroll to the SMG tab
  6. Scroll to the bottom and highlight the MP7
  7. Press right to highlight the Armory button and press confirm
  8. Press confirm once more to equip Piercer

One thing to note about blueprints is that if you haven’t unlocked the weapon yet, you can’t modify it in gunsmith. That’s the catch with blueprints, unless you have access to the base gun, you’re stuck with whatever attachments and perks it comes with. However, once you have unlocked the base gun, you can equip and remove any accessories that come with the blueprint without having to level the weapon up and earn them as you normally would.

Modern Warfare Piercer Blueprint

Blueprints are a great way to get early access to a gun in Modern Warfare and get attachments without spending hours leveling. In my experience, they’re not too OP, and any advantage you may get from them is negated once you’ve played long enough to unlock the base gun.

While you can only get blueprints right now from the deluxe edition of the game or by earning them in multiplayer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them sold for CoD points in the future.