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How many maps are in Modern Warfare?

The Call of Duty series has become a yearly staple in modern gaming, with a new release coming every year. Perhaps one of the more highly anticipated releases in recent memory is Modern Warfare, which released late October 2019. With the series going back to one of its most popular entries, some players are very interested in learning more about what maps the game has to offer. Specifically, some are wondering how many maps are in Modern Warfare?

How many maps are in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

How many maps are in Modern Warfare

There are a total of 19 maps in Modern Warfare, but not every map is going to show up on each playlist. For example, the maps in the Gunfight mode aren’t going to be available in the Standard playlist, because Gunfight is only 2v2 and requires a small arena while your standard game requires a bigger area for players to explore.

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Regardless, we have compiled a list of all 23 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps in the list below. Next to each map name will be the playlist(s) that it can be found in.

  • Akrlov Peak (Standard)
  • Aniyah Palace (Standard)
  • Azhir Cave (Standard, Realism)
  • Docks (Gunfight)
  • Euphrates Bridge (Standard)
  • Grazna Raid (Standard)
  • Gulag Showers (Gunfight)
  • Gun Runner (Standard, Realism)
  • Hackney Yard (Standard, Realism)
  • Hill (Gunfight)
  • Karst River Quarry (Ground War)
  • King (Gunfight)
  • Piccadilly (Standard)
  • Pine (Gunfight)
  • Rammaza (Standard, Realism)
  • Speedball (Gunfight)
  • St. Petrograd (Standard)
  • Stack (Gunfight)
  • Tavorsk Bridge (Ground War)

As you can see in the list above, some of these maps are available in multiple modes, while others are only available in specific modes. The Modern Warfare maps that are marked under both Standard and Realism will vary slightly between iterations. In the Standard playlist, each map will be set in the daytime, while the same maps will be set in the evening when played in the Realism playlist. Now that you know how many maps are in Modern Warfare, get out there and play your favorite map.