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How to Fix The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch Bug

We guess you won’t be friends with Nyoka after all. The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch bug is stopping you and others from adding her to your companions. As such, you can’t recruit Nyoka at Stellar Bay, which is annoying if you were hoping to. If you’d like to know how to fix this frustrating glitch, we’re here to help. Our guide on The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch bug dives into what the issue is and offers a workaround for some of you at least. Check it out below, and then try our fix out for yourself.

The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch Bug | Unable to recruit Nyoka

The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch Bug

The Radio Free Monarch quest tasks you with talking to Nyoka at Stellar Bay. You’re supposed to get her some Caffenoid to help her sober up and, providing you do, she’ll join you on your mission.

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You, and we suspect plenty of others if these Reddit and official forum threads are to be believed, are having issues with the dialogue part of this mission. Some have stated that despite getting Caffenoid for Nyoka, they don’t have a conversation option to give it to her. Others, meanwhile, aren’t getting the quest marker to locate the Caffenoid in the first place.

Without being able to find or give the Caffenoid to Nyoka, you can’t add her to your team or progress through this mission.

The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch Bug | Is there a fix?

The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch Bug

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official fix from Obsidian. It appears that the dev team isn’t aware of it. To bring it to their attention, you can bump the forum thread above so any community manager will see it at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can contact Obsidian via Twitter.

There are some workarounds that players have found to temporarily fix this, however. We’ve listed them below, so try them out for yourself.

PC Workaround

  • This only works for PC gamers, so as long as you play on this platform, try it out. Be aware that downloading and using the file below could cause other PC issues, so do so at your own risk.
  • Unlock your console commands by downloading this file.
  • After you’ve installed it, load your latest save.
  • Type “DebugUnlockCompanion 4” into the text box that’s now on your screen. Nyoka should now be your companion.

Head to Devil’s Peak Summit Manually

  • Head to Devil’s Peak Summit, in the center of the Monarch Wilderness, without using a waypoint.
  • Progress through this area to find Hiram.
  • You’ll now be able to progress through the mission. However, you’ll bypass adding Nyoka to your companions if you do.

Reload an Earlier Save

  • This isn’t ideal, especially if you’ve sunk plenty of hours into the game since your last save.
  • Picking an earlier save might debug the Nyoka dialogue options, though, so it might be worth trying.