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Destiny 2 Monkey error code | Causes and fixes

With a constantly updating game like Destiny 2, players are bound to run into plenty of outages as Bungie works through servers issues. Most of Bungie’s error codes are named after animals, and one such code players may see when booted from the game is error code Monkey. In this Destiny 2 Monkey error code guide, we’ll go over what causes error code Monkey and possible fixes for the issue.

What causes the Destiny 2 Monkey error?

What causes the Destiny 2 Monkey error_

According to Bungie, error code Monkey results from an interruption in the connection between Bungie’s “host” servers and players’ “client” environments. Bungie says these interruptions are often caused by issues outside of its network, meaning the error code could be the result of internet service provider problems, Wi-Fi glitches, or other outside variables. Bungie recommends players ensure their connection is working as the first step to solving the error code. But, if many players are experiencing the code at the same time — as occasionally happens after a big update — it’s likely a problem on Bungie’s end.

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Possible fixes for Destiny 2 error code Monkey

Possible fixes for Destiny 2 error code Monkey

As Bungie suggested, your first step should be ensuring your internet connection is working. If you’re still experiencing the error after that, however, there’s less direct actions you can take. Besides consulting Bungie’s network troubleshooting suggestions, your best bet is likely to watch the Bungie Help Twitter for updates. For example, after the launch of 2019’s Festival of the Lost event, Bungie tweeted that it was investigating the causes of players encountering Monkey and Anteater errors. If the account shares something like this, you know it’s a Bungie-side issue.

If you continue to see the error after Bungie Help says it’s fixed or if Bungie Help hasn’t announced an error investigation, head to the Bungie Help forums to either see if players there are experiencing issues. If it’s not a server-wide problem, Bungie will likely comment on your or another player’s post with information about a fix.