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Destiny 2 Yuna | Who is she?

Bungie’s MMO shooter, Destiny 2, includes many vendors and many (many) currencies. It may come as a surprise to some, then, that there’s actually one Destiny 2 vendor not available for most players. The Destiny 2 Yuna vendor is a character that only appears under a very specific set of circumstances. This guide will let you know who she is and what she sells.

Who is Yuna in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Yuna

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Yuna only appears in the South Korean version of Destiny 2, called Destiny: Guardians. She is known as the Hugunghwa Merchant, and functions as a sort of hybrid between Xur and Tess Everis, selling experience boosters, exotic weapons, and even Eververse item reimbursements. “Hugunghwa” refers to the Korean rose, the national flower of South Korea. The first part of the word, “hugung,” means “eternity,” which is possibly another connection she shares with the Eververse (since “ever” means “always”).

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Beyond needing to be playing on a Korean server, however, there’s yet another requirement players need to fulfill in order to access Yuna. In the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost update’s patch notes, players may have noticed that, alongside a note about Yuna’s inventory being updated to sell Armor 2.0 gear, it says “IGR Only.” This is because purchases can only be made from Yuna when the game detects a player is playing in an environment with an IGR Benefactor.

What is an IGR Benefactor, you ask? IGR refers to an internet game room, otherwise known as a PC bang in Korea, which is essentially a room filled with computers where people can play games for an hourly fee. When playing in a PC bang, the IGR Benefactor will be active, allowing players to purchase exotics from Yuna. Items purchased from Yuna will only be active while in a PC bang, ensuring players are able to have efficient progress while paying that hourly fee.