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How to get Destiny 2 Pluperfect Legendary Auto Rifle

The Destiny 2 Pluperfect Legendary Auto Rifle has become a sought-after commodity ever since Shadowkeep landed. This new weapon, which is part of the Shadowkeep Season Pass, is a monster of a rifle. You’ll want to add it to your gun collection, but there’s some confusion over how to do so. Most players know that you can farm it, but there have been rumors of another way to get your hands on it. To find out how to get Destiny 2 Pluperfect, you’ll want to get your eyes around this guide, Guardian.

Destiny 2 Pluperfect | How to unlock Pluperfect

Destiny 2 how to get Pluperfect

If you want to get your very own Destiny 2 Pluperfect rifle, you’ll have to have the Shadowkeep Season Pass. The pass will set you back $10 if you don’t own Shadowkeep, but if you do, it’ll come free with this expansion.

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There are 100 ranks to level up through in this Season Pass. To do so, you have to complete activities and get kills to increase your XP bar at the bottom of the screen. Basically, as long as you’re playing the game and killing enemies, taking part in public events, completing strikes, or anything else, you’ll earn XP and fill your bar.

You’ll have to reach rank 30 to get a hold of Pluperfect, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have a superb version of this gun. Random rolls upon unlocking it might mean your weapon has rubbish stats. Given that you’ll have worked hard to attain it, this isn’t exactly amazing.

Destiny 2 Pluperfect | How to farm for Pluperfect

Destiny 2 how to farm Pluperfect

Thankfully, there is a farming option that will allow you to get Pluperfect quickly. However, you still need the Season Pass in order to get it.

Once you hit ranks 73, 83, and 93, you’ll unlock Scrounger perks for Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard game types. These perks will increase your chances of getting Pluperfect as a random drop by taking part in activities in these modes. Bear in mind that these will be random drops, so you aren’t guaranteed to get Pluperfect.

Having these perks will give you a better chance at adding it to your collection, though, so it’s worth investing the time. Who knows, you might strike lucky and get a brilliantly decked-out Pluperfect from them.