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The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Mission walkthrough

The Outer Worlds is filled with tons of different side quests for players to complete as they journey through the game. The Errors Unseen Faction mission will task players with doing some investigative work for Sanjar. If you’re up for the challenge, our The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Mission walkthough will take you step by step through the quest.

The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen | Where to begin the quest

To begin the Errors Unseen Faction quest in The Outer Worlds, players will need to go visit Sanjar. He will inform you that he is suspicious of a woman named Catherine Milan, who he believes might be working with the Corporation on Monarch, and of his plans to blackmail the Board. To begin the mission, you’ll need to head to Stellar Bay on Monarch and pay Sanjar a visit. This quest is available after completing the “BOLT With His Name” side quest.

The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen | How to complete

The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen

After talking with Sanjar, you’ll need to go visit with Catherine Milan. Follow the marker on your map (make sure the quest is active in the mission menu) to Catherine’s location in Fallbrook, you will find Milan inside a building called “Malin’s House of Hospitality.” Speak with her, ignoring her rude comments, and she will insinuate that her delivery team could have been involved somehow.

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After talking with her, you’ll need to visit the delivery team drop off point. You’ll have to do a little bit of running for this part, following the marker on your map to the drop off point. You’ll find the drop off point below a broken bridge, and once you’ve found it, walk over and investigate the area.

The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen

After searching, you’ll find some dead people and a trail of blood that will lead you to a nearby hatch as you can see in the above map and picture below.

The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen

Head down the hatch and work your way through the underground area. Be careful as you navigate the tunnel, as there are a bunch of tripwires and mines scattered about. Follow your marker and shoot the mines along the way, jumping over the various glowing tripwires. Once you’ve worked your way through the traps, you should find a man named Arthur who instantly threatens you.

Arthur will inform you that Milan had him storing stuff underground for an unknown client, but he was robbed and all his stuff was stolen. He will tell you that the robbers ran off over the hill above ground to your right, so work your way back to the hatch and climb back up the ladder.

As instructed, head over the hill to your right and follow the marker until you reach some buildings. As you approach the building that is being marked, you’ll be attacked by some enemies. Take care of them and then head to the side of the building where you’ll see a yellow ladder. Climb up and head inside the building, where you’ll be greeted by more enemies.

Defeat them and head into the next room, where you’ll find a computer terminal that you can use to transfer the files to an external tape. This will uncover the proof the Sanjar needed to prove that there was in fact sketchy Corporation presence on Monarch, which he will use to blackmail the Board. Finish exploring and looting the area and then head back to Sanjar.

Hand him the external tape (you don’t have to but you’ll fail the mission) and he will reward you with reputation, MSI Elite Armor, a 2188 Bit Cartridges, and 15,000 XP. You should then head back to Milan in Fallbrook and tell her about Arthur. She will reward you with SunLight Salvage and reputation. This will wrap up The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Faction quest, freeing you up to move on to more pressing matters.