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Take Full Advantage Of Single Player Matches as single player gives you valuable practice against computer-controlled opponents across the game's handful of maps. And you stand to gain valuable experience points to unlock weapons and equipment, along with a little virtual currency to go towards purchasing new toys and other goodies.

In leveling up, you have access to a plethora of unique skills to make your warrior a more efficient killing machine. But you'll need to reach specific levels to unlock the entire skills tree, along with cash and gold coins to make this happen.

Always shoot at Red Barrels the resulting explosion will take out or significantly damage players within the vicinity.

A manual reload between kills will save you much embarrassment.

Dead enemies leave behind shiny medals that, once collected, imbue your character with a bonus. Grab as many as you can.

Tips From The Developers

A specific weapon can be a good choice for certain objectives and a bad choice for others.

Adapt your strategy to your equipped weapon. Try using boxes or columns as cover while using the shotgun or firing from a high vantage point while equipped with a Bazooka.

The game will always try to pair you against opponents of the same level of competence.

Notice that in a multiplayer match, some items will disappear from the map when you are killed.

When a teammate or yourself are killed, you'll leave a red colored medal on the ground. You can collect these red medals to deny them to your enemies. You will win a few points too.

In Team Vs., the winning team will be the one that collects the most team points during a match. Team points are earned by collecting medals dropped by killed enemies.

You can view all achievements and your progress with the Achievements button in the Main Menu.

You will know if new items are available in the Shop when an exclamation mark is shown over the Shop icon.

Earn Free Gold

Receive 50 free gold for filling out and then submitting The Respawnables Feedback form. Click the gold icon on the lower right, then press the Feedback icon.

You also stand to gain free gold by completing certain actions, like signing up for Tapjoy with eight gold, or getting a trial membership with for 106 gold. Same steps with the feedback form, except you'll need to click Actions.