Box art - Killer is Dead

Killer is Dead Xbox360 Cheats


Secret Bonuses

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bonus will become unlocked.

Aim Cut Payment - Perform more than 15 Adrenaline Bursts.

Alice Bug Payment - Don't take any damage from bugs.

Beam Payment - Avoid ALL of Dolly's laser attacks.

Beast Payment - Don't get hit by the big spiky enemy.

Bend and Stretch Payment - Squat at least 20 times.

Blood Payment - Absorb over 100,000 fl. Oz. Of blood.

Destruction Payment - Defeat ALL enemies.

Exhumation Payment - Find ALL the vintage wines.

Gentleman's Payment - Don't take any damage.

Ghost Payment - Clear the stage without defeating many enemies.

Guard Break Payment - Perform at least 30 Guard Breaks.

Head Shot Payment - Perform at least 15 Head Shots.

Just Guard Payment - Perform at least 15 Just Guards.

Obliteration Payment - Use the Sub Weapon less than 50 times.

Overheat Payment - Clear the stage without overheating the turret even once.

Rescue Payment - Avoid ALL of Tokio's bullets.

Revenge Payment - Attack only David.

Scarlett Payment - Meet Scarlett 3 times.

Shadow Demolition Payment - Kill at least 15 Women's Shadows.

Stun Allowance Payment - Do not get stunned by the Skyplane's beam plasma.

Toughness Payment - Clear the stage without dying.

Costumes for Mondo

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting to unlock the following costumes for Mondo. You still have to buy them once unlocked.

Casual Mondo - $500,000

Ultimate Mondo (Double Damage) - $10,000,000

Dark Booster (Unlimited Blood Meter)- $15,000,000

Legendary Executioner / David's Costume - $100,000,000