Dr. Stone Episode 21 Release Date

Will Senku and Taiju discover the reason behind humanity’s petrification in Dr. Stone episode 21? Science fans should check out this guide to learn where they’ll be able to catch this newest chapter in subbed and dubbed formats. The Dr. Stone episode 21 release date and times in the U.S. and U.K. can also be found below.

When is the Dr. Stone episode 21 release date?

Dr. Stone Episode 21 Release Date

Most anime debut in Japan before they air outside the country, so it’s understandable that Dr. Stone episode 21 will be available subbed before it receives an English dub. The latest episode of the hit show should arrive with Japanese audio on Friday, November 21.

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Dr. Stone is simulcast around the world, which means fans in the U.S. and U.K. are able to watch new episodes at the same time, shortly after they premiere in Japan. Episode 21 should debut at 7:30 AM Pacific/10:30 AM Eastern for people in the U.S. and 3:30 PM for folks who reside in the U.K.

The show is best enjoyed in subbed format on Crunchyroll. Fans simply need to click on the episode 21 thumbnail once it appears on the site to view it. If the episode doesn’t appear right away, don’t panic. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for new chapters to show up on the site. Crunchyroll will let fans know if there’s a delay via social media.

Dr. Stone episode 21 English dub release time

Dr. Stone Episode 21 Release Date

The dubbed version of Dr. Stone episode 21 may not premiere on the date listed above, but fans won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the episode in English. Funimation should debut this episode’s dub early next month on December 6.

People who don’t want to pay for online subscriptions will get a chance to enjoy the English dub of Dr. Stone episode 21 when it premieres on Toonami on January 11, 2o2o. For those that may be wondering, the channel is currently up to episode 13.