My Hero Academia Episode 70 Release Date

Eri may finally escape Overhaul’s clutches when My Hero Academia episode 70 releases soon. Will that come at the cost Deku and Mirio’s powers? Fans should read on to learn where they’ll be able to catch U.A. High School’s most promising students next. The My Hero Academia episode 70 release dates and times in the U.S. and U.K. can also be found below.

When is the My Hero Academia episode 70 release date?

My Hero Academia Episode 70

My Hero Academia‘s new episodes release every Saturday, which means that fans can look forward to checking out Class 1-A’s latest shenanigans after the work week is done. Episode 70 should launch on November 30.

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Anime aficionados can can check out My Hero Academia‘s newest episodes on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. Each website simulcasts the show, which means that people in the U.S. and U.K. will be able to watch episode 70 at the same time, shortly after it premieres in Japan. At the time of this writing, My Hero Academia episode 70 will be available at 1:30 AM Pacific/4:30 AM Eastern for folks in the U.S. and 9:30 AM for people in the U.K.

If episode 70 doesn’t appear at the exact times above, don’t be alarmed. It may take a few minutes for Crunchyroll and Funimation to upload the show’s newest episode. Each company will announce if there’s been a last-minute delay or scheduling change on social media.

My Hero Academia episode 70 English dub release time

My Hero Academia Episode 70

My Hero Academia‘s English dub is available exclusively on Funimation, as the website is the show’s simuldub partner. This means that Funimation most likely paid for the anime’s English voice cast, and that the dub won’t be available to Crunchyroll subscribers in the near future. The English voice-over for My Hero Academia episode 70 should arrive on the same date and times listed above – 1:30 AM Pacific/4:30 AM Eastern in the U.S. and 9:30 AM in the U.K. – so long as the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t get in the way.

Dub fans will also be able to watch My Hero Academia episode 70 on Toonami, though they should note that it won’t premiere on the channel until December 21 at 11 PM.