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Can You Send Gifts in Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour contains many different features, including the likes of normal play, rankings, and challenges, but is there a way to send Mario Kart Tour gifts? In this “how to send gifts in Mario Kart Tour” guide, we’ll let you know if you can send your friends gifts in the game or not. Find out what the gift button does on the menu screen right here. Sadly, all you budding Saint Nicks out there will walk away from this guide disappointed.

Can You Send Gifts in Mario Kart Tour?

how to send gifts in Mario Kart Tour

Unfortunately, there is currently no way in which you can send gifts in Mario Kart Tour. Despite the fact that you can send and receive friend requests in the game, you cannot send any items between anyone on the friend list. You can’t send Mario Kart Tour gifts to other players in-game. While this is obviously disappointing news, you can still receive gifts in Mario Kart Tour.

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If you head into the Mario Kart Tour menu screen, you should see a little “Gifts” button in the bottom-left corner. While you cannot send gifts to friends once you enter into the gift screen, you can receive them from time-to-time. The Gifts screen is where you can receive in-game gifts from Nintendo. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t seem to send too many gifts out in Mario Kart Tour.

You may receive gifts from Nintendo under certain circumstances. If the game’s servers have inexplicably gone down thanks to an error, for example. You’ll largely find that the gift box is left empty, however. Hopefully, Nintendo adds in the ability to send gifts to friends in Mario Kart Tour. This could easily be done in a future update and would help the flow of Coins and Rubies between friends. For now, though, you’ll have to wait for any such update to happen.