Call of Duty Mobile Airborne Class | How to unlock the new battle royale class

The Call of Duty Mobile Airborne class is now available in Activision’s shooter. It’s not quite up for grabs, however, because you must earn it by beating a limited time event. The new battle royale chip event is where you can unlock the Airborne class, but this is likely going to take you three days. This estimation isn’t based on how challenging the event is; it is based on the tasks that you have to beat to become the proud owner of the seventh battle royale class.

Call of Duty Mobile Airborne Class | How to unlock the Airborne Class

Call of Duty Mobile Airborne Class how to unlock Airborne chip class

What is so special about the Airborne class that could possibly make you want to unlock it? The answer is simple: By using this class, you can take flight mid-match, gliding over your enemies and taking them by surprise. It’s an invaluable perk that can be used to easily increase your kill-count if you play it clever, but also to travel long distances without much delay.

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To take flight you must use the ejection device ability, which summons a catapult that flings you and your teammates into the air. With the help of the wingsuit and combined with the lightweight ability, you get to soar the island sky for a few precious seconds.

Here are the ten tasks that you must complete to unlock the Airborne class:

  • Kill five enemies in Battle Royale.
  • Kill ten enemies in Battle Royale.
  • Play one Battle Royale match.
  • Play two Battle Royale matches.
  • Use one Specialist Skill in Battle Royale.
  • Use two Specialist Skills in Battle Royale.
  • Survive in Battle Royale for 1500 seconds.
  • Survive in Battle Royale for 3000 seconds.
  • Place in the top ten in Battle Royale two times.
  • Log in three total days.

The event started on November 4 and runs through November 11, which should be more than enough time for you to complete the above tasks and unlock the Airborne class in Call of Duty Mobile.