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Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger Chest Looted Location and Letters from Wei Ning | Memory of Eriana-3 guide

Eris Morn’s final memory quest sends Destiny 2: Shadowkeep players on a hunt for the remnants of Eriana-3, one of Eris’ fallen fireteam members. The quest requires you to defeat champions and find a hidden enemy type called the Lunar Scavenger. Finding these enemies isn’t the most straightforward objective, however. We’ll cover everything known about the Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest locations, the Lunar Scavenger rotation schedule, and the Letters from Wei Ning quest step in this Memory of Eriana-3 guide.

All known Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Lunar Scavenger chest locations

Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest looted location

In order to get a Lunar Scavenger chest to spawn, you first have to find a dormant, major-level (yellow health bar) enemy called a Lunar Scavenger. Each of these is hidden somewhere below the Moon’s surface. When you first find a Lunar Scavenger, it will be dormant (kneeling, crouching, etc.) and will not attack you until you approach it. Once you defeat it, waves of other enemies will begin to spawn. Defeat them all and the Lunar Scavenger chest will appear.

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There are many possible locations for the Lunar Scavengers to spawn, with at least seven spots reported by players, each of which take quite a bit of spelunking to get to. Unfortunately, the spawn points appear to be on a weekly rotation, but the order of the rotation is not yet known. That means successfully finding one is, for now, a matter of taking a stab at the possible locations until you get lucky. We’ll detail five of the known Lunar Scavenger locations below. In addition to these, players have also reported finding Lunar Scavengers in a red building to the right of the entrance to the Lunar Battlegrounds, as well as somewhere in the Catacombs.

Note: For the week of November 5, a Lunar Scavenger is confirmed to spawn in the Gatehouse, so it will likely be somewhere else next week.

Traitor’s Ketch

The Traitor’s Ketch Lunar Scavenger requires the least amount of travel time, so if you’re unsure which location is this week’s, the Ketch is a good place to start. Head to the point on the map below to find the entrance to the Fallen ship in the Anchor of Light. Go inside and continue along until you reach the purple-ish room with the downed Fallen spider tank. Head over to the tank and look up to your left. You’ll see a small balcony area in the corner. The Lunar Scavenger can be found lying down up there.

Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest looted location

The Gatehouse

To get to the Scavenger’s location, head to the point on the map below and enter the large structure with the glowing green thing inside. The first area you’ll come to is The Gatehouse. Once you reach the greenish/yellowish room with balconies to the left and a door to the right (see the third picture below), you’re in the right place. In the back left corner of this room, you can find a Scavenger thrall cowering in wait.

Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest looted location

Circle of Bones

The Circle of Bones was the location of the Lunar Scavenger chest on the week the Eriana-3 quest launched (alongside the Festival of the Lost event). Start heading down the same path as the way to The Gatehouse detailed above, but don’t stop at the greenish room with the balconies. Instead, head through that room’s door and continue down the main tunnel pathway until you reach the Circle of Bones. Once you find yourself at the intersection in the picture below, turn right. In that direction, you’ll find a small area to the right of some stairs with glowing white crystals inside. You can find a Lunar Scavenger knight kneeling there.

Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest looted location

The World’s Grave

Head to the area marked on the map below, into the Anchor of Light entrance to the Temple of Crota. Continue down the tunnels until you reach The World’s Grave, then stop. Instead of continuing forward into the area below, turn right and walk along the raised area and through the orange-lit door. Inside, turn right, and you’ll see a large pillar with an orange glowing part at the top. A Lunar Scavenger knight can be found behind the pillar.

Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest looted location

Chamber of Night

The Chamber of Night Scavenger requires you to head fairly deep into the Moon. Start by following the path detailed above to get to The World’s Grave from the Anchor of Light. When you get to The World’s Grave this time, drop down into the area straight ahead and continue down the main path. When you reach the circular room with the large pedestal in the middle (the room where you fought the Nightmare of Omnigul in the Shadowkeep campaign), take the dark tunnel straight ahead. Eventually, you’ll come to a large structure with some glowing lines on it at the top of several staircases (see the third picture below). Through the door to this structure’s left, you can find a Lunar Scavenger wizard floating behind a pillar.

Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest looted location

How to defeat Champions for the Destiny 2 Letters from Wei Ning quest step

Destiny 2 Lunar Scavenger chest looted location

Once you’ve looted a Lunar Scavenger chest, you’ll receive the Letters from Wei Ning quest item. Completing this step requires you to defeat 10 Champion-type enemies in Hero-or-higher-difficulty activities. Champions are Shadowkeep’s new, specialized enemy variant that require you to use specific artifact mods to defeat. To kill 10 of them, you’ll need to equip either Barrier, Overload, or Unstoppable-damaging mods on your weapons, earned by upgrading your seasonal artifact.

Once you’ve got the right mods equipped, select an activity like a Nightfall strike or a Nightmare Hunt where Champions can spawn. After selecting it, hover over the “Change Activity Mode” icon above the launch button to change the difficulty. Hero difficulty will put you against 920-power enemies, so make sure your power level is high enough. After killing 10 Champions, all that’s left to do is return to Eris through the portal in Sanctuary and finish the Memory of Eriana-3 quest.