Minecraft Earth | ‘UH OH! Something went wrong during sign in’ error fix

Minecraft developer Mojang is busy rolling out early access to their augmented reality mobile game in different regions, across both Android and iOS. After excitedly downloading the new world-building game, the last thing any player wants to encounter is an error that halts their progress past the main menu. Unfortunately, the Minecraft Earth UH OH! Something went wrong during sign in error message is doing just that. Don’t worry too much, though: Here’s the cause of your problem and how to fix it.

Minecraft Earth sign in error fix

Minecraft Earth UH OH! Something went wrong during sign in

Minecraft Earth brings the beloved Minecraft universe into ours, allowing players to explore its pixelated landscapes like never before. The use of augmented reality technology makes for a futuristic experience, though the tech isn’t at the point where players can enjoy its features offline just yet. As such, Minecraft Earth is an online-only game and this is likely to be the root of your problem.

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When attempting to launch the app on your chosen mobile device, if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi and aren’t using cellular data either, then the game will throw up the following Minecraft Earth error: “UH OH! Something went wrong during sign in.”

To remedy the issue, you’ll need to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network or enable the use of cellular data on an applicable device. If you opt for the latter, do be aware that additional charges may be incurred as you play Minecraft Earth and use the internet.

If once you’re connected the problem persists, then the issue most likely isn’t being caused on your end in this instance. The Minecraft Earth servers could be down, at capacity, or otherwise struggling to accommodate your sign-in request at the moment. It’s a good idea to monitor the Minecraft Earth Twitter account for status updates on the game, and if there are issues you’ll need to wait them out before trying again later.