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Crash Team Racing 1.14 Update Patch Notes | Neon Circus Grand Prix, new track, seasonal cosmetics, and more

The Crash Team Racing 1.14 update patch notes are pretty par for the course, considering the other updates that come in the past. This new CTR Nitro-Fueled update adds the Neon Circus Grand Prix, which comes with a free new track for everyone as well as some cosmetics players can earn. They range from new skins to paint jobs to entirely new characters like Koala Kong from the first Crash Bandicoot game.

Crash Team Racing 1.14 Update Patch Notes | Neon Circus Grand Prix

Crash Team Racing 1.13 Update Patch Notes | New Grand Prix, track, cosmetics, and more

This CTR adds the new Neon Circus Grand Prix, which starts on November 8 and ends on an unspecified day in early December. All players get access to the new Koala Carnival track, which you can see in the above picture. It also brings a new mode called Ring Rally, which tasks players with racing through tracks and going through rings that get smaller and smaller on each lap, encouraging players to beat their high scores. Ring Rally is even sticking around after the event is over, making it a permanent addition to the game. The rest of the additions are locked to the actual Grand Prix itself.

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Crash Team Racing 1.14 Update Patch Notes | New seasonal cosmetics and returning ones

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This Grand Prix also comes with new cosmetics but they are going to be only available to earn and buy during the season (until they return in another season). It will come with items you have to buy in the Pit Stop (PS) with Wumpa Coins or earn through filling up your Nitro Gauge (NG). These items include:

  • Three new characters (Koala Kong [NG], Pasadena O’Possum [PS], and Ebenezer Von Clutch [PS])
  • Three new karts (Nitro Bumper Kart [PS], Pressurizer [NG], and the Daredevil [NG])
  • 10 (or more) skins (Rustic Fake Crash [PS], Cannonball Nash [PS], Farmer N. Gin [PS], Clown Cortex [PS], Circus Isabella [PS], Circus Megumi [PS], Circus Liz [PS], Circus Liz [PS], Jester Penta Penguin [NG], and Strongman Koala Kong [NG])
  • A whole host of wheels, decals, stickers, and (brand-new) animated paint jobs

Players will even be able to catch up on old Grand Prix event items. The first weekend (usually from 7 AM PST on Friday through 7 AM PST on Monday, according to Beenox), people can purchase the Last Chance bundle in the Pit Stop, which will be filled with items you missed during the Spooky Grand Prix that just ended. It will not include the items you already have, so it will be priced according to what you already have. Every new Grand Prix going forward will have this option during its first weekend, which gives players one last chance to get everything.

Even though most Last Chance bundles going forward will have only one Grand Prix, this first one will have bundles for the Spyro and Friends Grand Prix as well as the Spooky Grand Prix. The Spyro Grand Prix took place in September. Beenox is doing this because some items from that Grand Prix did not display properly for some who wanted to use the Nitro Fill Up option (which is where you can pay to get the Nitro Gauge items a few days after the season has ended).

Crash Team Racing 1.14 Update Patch Notes | King Chicken hidden racer

This update will also bring forth a new racer: King Chicken. This questionable character will only be unlocked for those that find his golden eggs in the campaign hubs. There will be one golden egg per hub area and players that find them all will have to go back to the Lost Ruins hub to claim their new racer. So be on the lookout for the golden eggs, as you will be rewarded handsomely.