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How to change room color in Death Stranding

Changing the color of your private room in Death Stranding was showcased during the TGS Day 3 demo. However, if you check the options in the terminal when you reach your private room for the first time, you won’t find the option to change room color. Unfortunately, there are some limitations to this feature, and the game doesn’t make it clear on how it’s unlocked.

We’ll walk you through unlocking the ability to change your private room color in Death Stranding below.

How do you change room color in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding change room color palette

If you’re like me, you probably watched the TGS coverage of Death Stranding and saw Kojima going over the ability to change the color of your private room. With how sterile the private room feels, it’s a great feature to have and adds a little personalization. Unfortunately, you can’t change your private room color by default, and even when you unlock the feature, there are stipulations to how and where you can use it.

To unlock the ability to change your room color in Death Stranding, you must first reach the Weather Station in the Central Region. You won’t get there until Chapter 3 – Fragile, so if you’re just starting out in the game, you’ve got a ways to go. You do go to the Weather Station as part of the story, so you really can’t miss it. Just play until you get the delivery order to head over there.

Once you complete your first delivery to the Weather Station and add it to the chiral network, you’ll get the PCC Lv. 2 and Die-Hardman will walk you through a tutorial on how to build a Safe House. You can only change the color of your Private Room in Safe Houses, not in any of the cities or distribution centers. However, even once you’ve got the Safe House built, you still can’t change your room color.

To unlock the ability to set a different color in your Safe House room, you must upgrade it to level 2. To upgrade a Safe House to level 2, you need:

  • 500 Chiral Crystals
  • 4560 Special Alloys

It’s quite the investment, and you may have to wait until later in the game until you can procure enough Special Alloys to pull it off. Once the Safe House is upgraded to level 2, you can change the color of your room by accessing the terminal inside and scrolling to the bottom of the menu.