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How to charge batteries and vehicles in Death Stranding

Charging your batteries in Death Stranding is essential to keeping your equipment functioning. While you don’t start out with anything that requires battery power, as the game goes on, you find useful items like exoskeletons that can enhance Sam’s abilities. Exoskeletons, in particular, need a constant supply of power, especially if you want to make use of their boost functionality. Additionally, vehicles have their own battery supply that depletes as you use them.

Fortunately, recharging your batteries in Death Stranding is straightforward. There are several ways that you can replenish battery charge, and we’ll cover them all below.

How do you charge your batteries in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding how to charge vehicles bike charging

The first time you’ll likely notice something that needs a charge in Death Stranding is near the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. There will be a Reverse Trike there with a dead battery and no way of charging it to be seen. Unfortunately, you’ll have to let it taunt you for a bit as you don’t have the means to power it.

Soon after seeing the trike for the first time, you’ll get the blueprint for the PCC Lv. 1. This device allows you to build several structures, but the one we’ll focus on here is the generator. You can create a generator in any location connected to the Chiral Network. Once constructed, it will charge your personal batteries and any vehicle in its radius. When you gain the ability to use the PCC, try building a generator by the trike to get your first vehicle!

There are times when you can’t build a generator. If you’re exploring new territory that isn’t yet connected to the Chiral Network, you can’t use the PCC, so what do you do? Well, both vehicles and Sam’s personal battery can be trickle charged with solar power. The sun doesn’t have to be directly shining for this to work. So, you can basically just sit still and slowly build back up a charge.

To get an instant full charge for both vehicles and Sam, you can rest in a private room. The catch is that you have to park the vehicle on the pad for this to work.