Box art - Death Stranding

How to get a gun in Death Stranding

Getting a gun in Death Stranding isn’t an immediate process. This game is about using the rope, not the stick, so a gun isn’t an essential piece of equipment. However, sometimes, peace can only be won through strength, and BTs, Terrorists, and MULEs don’t open themselves to negotiation. So, getting a gun in Death Stranding is a means to an end, though, you don’t have to ever use one if you don’t want to.

There are numerous guns you will eventually gain access to in Death Stranding. However, in this article, we’ll just be directing you towards the first: the Bola Gun Lv. 1.

How to get a gun in Death Stranding

The first weapon you get in Death Stranding isn’t a gun at all; it’s a grenade. You won’t actually get the blueprints to craft your own gun until you reach the second map in Episode 3 – Fragile. Once you reach Lake Knot City, you’re not too far from getting your hands on the Bola Gun, but you’ll have to make a few deliveries first.

One of the first missions you’ll get when reaching Lake Knot City is one where you’ll need to make three deliveries to three different preppers in the hopes they’ll join the Chiral Network. You’ll need to visit the Engineer, the Elder, and finally the Craftsman.

The Craftsman is the dude who will give you the Bola Gun Lv. 1 blueprint, but he’ll act coy when you first meet him. He’s skeptical of Bridges and the UCA, and he doesn’t really want anything to do with you. He’ll send you on an “impossible” mission to the crater of Middle Knot City to retrieve his old tools. Complete this mission and return, and he’ll change his tune.

Once you complete the expedition to the Middle Knot City ruins, the Craftsman will hook you up. He joins the UCA and gives you the blueprint for the Bola Gun Lv. 1, so you can craft it at any settlement that allows you to fabricate items.