Death Stranding Hoverboard | How to find the Floating Carrier and ride it

The Floating Carrier is a small hoverboard in Death Stranding that has a multitude of uses. In addition to carrying cargo, the hover sled can be used as an impromptu skateboard. What makes it even more useful is that you can chain two together to form a wagon train, which can dramatically increase the amount of cargo you can take with you.

The location you need to go to unlock the Floating Carrier isn’t too tough to find. In fact, you’ll need to go there as part of the story. But, if you’re eager to go ahead and unlock the hover sled ahead of time, we’ll give you the details below.

How do you unlock the hoverboard in Death Stranding?

To unlock the Floating Carrier in Death Stranding, you need to make it to the Weather Station. You can find this location northwest of the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City and northeast of the Timefall Farm. The Weather Station is situated at the southern base of the massive mountain range that makes up the center of the Central Region.

When you arrive at the Weather Station, you’ll need to reconnect it to the chiral network before you can unlock the hover sled. You do this as part of the story, but it may be possible to do it ahead of time. Regardless, once you add this location to the network, you’ll be rewarded with the Floating Carrier Lv. 1 blueprint. After that, you can fabricate the item at any place with a chiral printer.

How do you get the Floating Carrier Lv. 2 blueprint in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding hover sled floating carrier blueprint

To get the upgraded form of the hover sled in Death Stranding, you’ll need to upgrade your connection level with the Weather Station. You can do this by delivering lost cargo marked for the Weather Station, taking on any retrieval missions issued by the Weather Stations, and completing delivery jobs to that location.

Raising the Weather Station’s connection level to three or four stars (I couldn’t tell because I got the third and fourth star on the same delivery) will give you access to the Floating Carrier Lv. 2 blueprint. This is the only upgrade to the hover sled I’ve found. After reaching almost 100% completion, I’m betting it’s the only upgrade available.