Box art - Death Stranding

How to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding

With such a vast open-world, unlocking fast travel in Death Stranding helps save a bit of time on your journey. However, the way fast travel works in the game means it’s likely not going to be something you’ll use too often. After all, in a game about delivering cargo from point A to point B, the journey is half the fun. So, Death Stranding fast travel is limited to keep you from just cheating your way through delivery runs.

When do you unlock fast travel in Death Stranding?

You can start using fast travel in Death Stranding upon reaching Lake Knot City at the beginning of Episode 3 – Fragile. After completing the trip across the annihilation belt via ship, Fragile will give you one of her umbrellas.

After you get Fragile’s umbrella, you can find it to the left of your equipment display cases in any private room. Select it and press Square to bring up a list of locations you can fast travel to.

How does fast travel work in Death Stranding?

When using fast travel in Death Stranding, you can only bring a limited amount of items:

  • Your currently equipped skeleton.
  • The boots you’re wearing.
  • Power Gloves if you have them equipped.

Everything else you were carrying when you used fast travel will be stored in the Private Locker in the location you were at. When you arrive at the new place, you’ll only have the equipment above.

The limitations of fast travel in Death Stranding means it has limited utility. However, it is the only way that you can travel back to the Eastern Region after Episode 3 begins. It’s useful in that you can go to any location with a Private Room, including player-built Safe Houses. This means it’s essential to use if you’re grinding connection levels or searching for Memory Chips. During the regular course of the game, though, you won’t use it much.