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Is a Modern Warfare spawn camping fix coming?

Camping in competitive online shooters is almost an inevitability, though spawn camping takes the issue to another level and can completely sap the fun out of an experience. With this in mind, many frustrated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are calling on developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision to implement a Modern Warfare spawn camping fix. Are there currently any plans for them to do so, though? Here’s everything you need to know.

Will spawn camping be fixed in Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare spawn camping

You don’t have to look far on a website like Reddit to see that there’s plenty of user outrage surrounding the Modern Warfare spawn camping issue. “Ridiculous” is one of the kindest ways the community’s feelings have been summed up, though it’s understandable to see players becoming frustrated when the deck is immediately stacked against them as soon as they spawn into a match.

Due to a lack of temporary spawn invulnerability and infrequently rotating spawn points—which don’t appear to be programmed to switch when enemies are nearby, as is the case in many other games—it’s possible for gamers to become stuck in a proverbial “kill box.” This has been noted as a particular issue in 10 vs. 10 game modes, though undoubtedly the worst offender is Modern Warfare‘s large-scale Ground War mode.

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In the Ground War multiplayer mode, it’s possible for players to commandeer vehicles and take them to higher ground, then rain hell on enemy spawn points. Affected players can elect to spawn elsewhere, but only if those points are currently available and that’s presuming the offending spawn campers don’t also have an overview of those.

Courtesy of the most recent version 1.06 patch, the Modern Warfare development team has started implementing fixes based on fan feedback. Although spawn camping wasn’t amongst the addressed issues this time, it’s entirely possible that they’re hearing player feedback on the Modern Warfare spawn camping problem loud and clear and working to implement a fix.

Whether that might take the form of invulnerability timers, frequently swapping spawn points, or penalties for the worst spawn campers remains to be seen. Be sure to keep an eye on GameRevolution for updates as the situation develops.