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Borderlands 3 Update Patch Notes (November 7 2019)

Gearbox released the new Borderlands 3 update on November 7, 2019, adding several quality-of-life improvements to the game along with a host of bug fixes. There is no new content to speak of, but there are significant changes to loot drop in Bloody Harvest, and some of the visual clutter that has been bothering players is finally being worked on. At long last, you won’t be blinded by the explosions resulting from the use of certain weapons, as you can read on the Borderlands 3 update patch notes down below.

Borderlands 3 Update Patch Notes (November 7, 2019) | Highlights

Borderlands 3 update patch notes November 2019 Claptrap

The Bloody Harvest seasonal event is slated to end on December 5, which means that many Vault Hunters still have the time to embark on this spine-chilling journey. However, the multi-phase Captain Haunt boss fight was deemed extremely easy, albeit fun, and Gearbox decided to make it more challenging by increasing the foe’s shields. In case you are thinking just how unfair this is, don’t fret; the rewards were also increased, with a bigger chance to find legendary gear.

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Other enemies from the Bloody Harvest event underwent some changes, with loot ghosts now dropping more loot, and coming with an increased chance of dropping legendary gear related to this event.

With the Halloween season coming to an end, the Terror anointed parts are seeing a decrease from regular enemies. However, the bulk of these drops are now transferring to the Bloody Harvest enemies, with ghosts being a few of the creatures that could land you the necessary parts to create a spooky build.

The last part of the Borderlands 3 update mentions that anointed enemies aren’t immune to Cryo damage anymore, something that was a longtime demand from the community. Another important issue concerns the explosions that Badass enemies created with their heavy weapons, turning the screen into a mess that hindered your view. Luckily, the particle effects resulting of the explosions will be shortened, hopefully solving the visual clutter issue in Borderlands 3 for good. Read the full Borderlands 3 update patch notes right below.

Borderlands 3 Update Patch Notes (November 7, 2019) | Full Patch Notes

Borderlands 3 update patch notes November 2019

Bloody Harvest Adjustments

Captain Haunt is a fun boss fight with multiple phases, but players were often skipping entire phases because Captain Haunt’s shields were so low. We increased his shields to make the fight slightly more engaging for most players and dramatically increased the loot drop chance, so players are compensated nicely for defeating Captain Haunt.

  • Increased Captain Haunt’s chance to drop legendary gear
  • Increased Captain Haunt’s shields
  • The Hecktoplasm drop rate from Ghosts has been increased
    • Ghosts drop 2 Hecktoplasm
    • Badass Ghosts drop 3 Hecktoplasm
    • Loot Ghosts drop 5 Hecktoplasm
  • Loot Ghosts now drop more loot
  • Loot Ghosts have an increased the chance of dropping Bloody Harvest specific legendary gear

Terror Anointments

Following what we’ve seen and heard from the Community and the fading Halloween season, you’re going to start seeing less Terror anointed parts dropping from regular enemies. Bloody Harvest enemies (including Ghosts!) will be picking up the slack, so if you are hunting to make a spooky build you know where to look!

  • The chance for Terror anointed parts to drop from regular enemies has been decreased.
  • The chance for Terror anointed parts to drop from Bloody Harvest enemies has been increased.

Bug fixes

  • Anointed enemies are no longer immune to Cryo damage.

Note: Although they can be slowed by Cryo damage, they cannot be frozen.

  • Addressed a reported potential progression blocker for “It’s Alive” with the Abomination bot.
  • Addressed a reported potential progression blocker if players quit the game at a certain point in “The Guns of Reliance”
  • Addressed a reported issue that Explosive Gunpowder barrels where not showing effects when shot.
  • Explosions created by enemy Badass’ weapons have a much quicker explosion effect to reduce screen clutter

We found that Badass enemies with heavy weapons were creating too many explosion effects that lingered on the screen, hindering the player’s view at times. We are going to make a larger change to their weapons in the patch but wanted to shorten the explosion particle effect to dramatically lower screen clutter.