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Death Stranding Void Out | What causes them and how to get rid of the crater

Void outs in Death Stranding occur when a BT consumes a living human. When this happens, a massive explosion occurs, which can destroy a large area. You’ll see your first void out happen within the first 30 minutes of Death Stranding, and the constant danger of the occurrence hangs over your head throughout the game.

However, these explosions aren’t just something that happens in cutscenes. When you’re fighting a large BT in Death Stranding, defeat can cause a void out, which can cause problems for you when it comes to navigation.

What causes a void out in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding Void Out on Map

As stated above, void outs occur when BTs eat a living person. The resulting explosion can vary in size from being around a hundred meters in circumference to being large enough to destroy a city. The ones that can occur in-game are a bit on the small side, but they can still be very destructive to the environment.

A void out can happen when Sam is killed by a BT. In my case, a BT got an instant kill on me by just swallowing me up. When this happens, a small void out occurs, which leaves a crater where you died. This crater causes the terrain to be impassible, and any cargo caught in the vicinity will be annihilated and sent to the void where you’ll have to pick it up with your soul before rejoining Sam’s body.

How do you get rid of a void out crater in Death Stranding?

A void out crater doesn’t last forever, fortunately. However, expect it to remain for at least a day or so after the incident occurs. The effects of Timefall will eventually cause the damage to fade away, and the crater will be replaced by new land that matches the terrain of the area pre-void out.

There’s nothing you can do to remove the crater left by a void out by yourself. You’ll just have to wait for time to cause its effects to fade away.