Box art - Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light PC Cheats

Steam Achievements

Find all Equipment Stashes in the swamps. - Equipped

Use all Musical Instruments in the game. - Musician

Kill at least one Enemy with each Weapon available in the game. - Gunslinger

Kill 5 Shrimp with Grenades. - Soup

Disarm 10 Traps. - Ever Vigilant

Make 100 Purchases. - Businessman

Complete the game in Ranger Hardcore. - Survivalist

Kill a Demon with the Helsing. - Van Helsing

Complete all 43 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages. - Published

Complete the game in Ranger Mode. - Ranger Elite

Find the Hidden Ammo in the abandoned part of the station on the QUARANTINE level. - Forgotten

Set 2 Enemies on fire at once. - Inferno

Break 50 Lights. - Tesla

Collect 1000 Military Rounds. - Walking Bank

See all Visions in the Dead City. - Back to the Past

Complete the game without killing any Humans unless forced to. - Shadow Ranger

Complete the BRIDGE level without a kill. - Rain Man

Save D6. - Redemption

Kill all armed enemies on the REVOLUTION level, including all reinforcements. - Derailed

Ignore the Phone Call in the Anomaly. - Nobody's Home

Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm. - Invisible Soldier

Kill all Watchmen before they reach the Railcar. - Scram

Kill 10 enemies in a row with Throwing Knives. - No shooting allowed

Take the Custom Pistol from the Locked Box. - A Present

Kill Pavel. - Revenge

Kill all the Reds on the THE CHASE level. - Bloodlust

Complete the SEPARATION level without killing or raising alarm. - Invisible Intruder

Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it. - Savior

Complete the FACILITY level without killing or raising alarm. - Invisible Savior

Fall in the Swamp 10 times. - Diver

Save the Bear from the Watchmen after the fight. - Forest Guardian

Hold the Platform without dying. - True Spartan

Stealthily kill 15 Enemies. - Shadow

Install all possible Customizations for a Weapon. - Weapon Smith

Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear. - Reunion

Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm. - Commando

Make 10 Spiders flip belly-up. - Tortoise

Finish the ASHES level without taking a hit. - Not A Rabbit

Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One. - Revelation

Destroy D6. - C'est la vie

Find out about the Reds' plans. - Secret

Watch the entire Theater Show. - Patron of the Arts

Turn off 40 Lights without breaking them. - Edison

Kill the Rhino. - Big Momma

Kill 100 Mutants. - Antibiotic

Kill 100 Human Enemies. - Soldier

Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen. - Mouse

Write 10 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages. - First Draft

Free the Prisoners. - Freedom!

Escape from the Red Line. - Within a Hair of Death

Escape the chasing Nazis on the REICH level without being caught once. - Clean Escape

Complete training sequence. - Rabbit