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Need for Speed Heat 1.02 Update Patch Notes

Electronic Arts released the Need for Speed Heat 1.02 update as a day-one patch, solving a few issues that weren’t entirely disclosed by the publisher. This patch should be available to download right now across all platforms where the new Need for Speed game released, which means that players owning either the PC, PS4, or Xbox One versions are good to go.

Need for Speed Heat 1.02 Update Patch Notes

Need for Speed Heat 1.02 Update

EA is “doing an Epic Games” with this update, so we’re not getting the patch notes to learn about what has changed exactly. It is supposed to help fix some issues where the free trial wasn’t working properly, as well as setting up the online features of the game, but EA is yet to confirm it.

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Despite the size of the patch, which weighs at over 4 GB, the EA support forum is currently being flooded with player reports, covering several issues about the Need for Speed Heat launch. The trial is one of the hot topics, with complaints that it is asking players to purchase the game before the trial period is over. There are also various reports about crashes, blue screens, game freezes, no in-game sound, or the game not launching at all.

After the lackluster launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, which came with an unexpected number of bugs, Ghost Games is also the victim of what appears to be a rushed release. The developer is surely working around the clock to get most of these issues fixed and the controversy will fade over the next couple of weeks. In the end, what will be left of this is a new Need for Speed game that seems to lean toward the best chapters of the series, while remaining far from being a highlight.

Need for Speed Heat released today, November 8, and the download is close to 30 GB, plus the additional four needed for patch version 1.02.