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Destiny 2 Void Fizz | Archology Arboretum, Festering Halls, and Solarium location

The Destiny 2 Halloween event Festival of the Lost has a hidden trick-or-treating quest that sends players from planet to planet, exchanging candy with the planetary vendors there. The overall quest has no name, but the overall goal is to keep trading treats to turn Eris Morn’s Tiny Box of Raisins item into something you’d actually want—a pack of five Festival of the Lost shaders, namely. The final candy you’ll need to collect is the Destiny 2 Void Fizz quest item. We’ll tell you how to get it and who to bring it to.

How to get the Destiny 2 Void Fizz item

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In order to get the Void Fizz, you’ll have to complete several other exchanges and their subsequent quests.

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  • Give the Tiny Box of Raisins to The Spider in the Tangled Shore and complete “Even Handed.”
  • Give the Winged Chew to Ana Bray on Mars and complete “Armed to the Teeth.”
  • Give the Unchocolate to Asher Mir on Io and complete “Precisely.”
  • Give the Piece of Celery to Brother Vance on Mercury and complete “In Your Element.”
  • Give the Splice Drops to Failsafe on Nessus and complete “Touched by the Light.”
  • Give the Salted Sweets to Devrim Kay in the EDZ and complete “Foregone Conclusions.”
  • Give the Sour Engram to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City and complete “The Best of My Abilities.”

Once you’ve completed this last quest, Petra will give you the Sugary Engram quest item. The Engram’s description says it would brighten “even a gray, rainy day on Titan,” so head to Titan and give it to Commander Sloane. This will start the “Not in Our House” quest, which tells you to kill enemies in the Titan Archology’s Festering Halls, Arboretum, and Solarium. For players unfamiliar with Titan, these objectives are a little vague, especially since the Archology isn’t marked on the map.

Destiny 2 Titan Archology map

To get there, head to the far western end of Titan’s platforms and through the tunnel toward the area where you start the Savathun’s Song strike. The Solarium is the first big, open, indoor area you come across, and you can get to the Festering halls and the Arboretum by entering the small doorways on either side of the Solarium.

Once you’ve defeated enough enemies to complete Not in Our House, head back to Sloane. She’ll give you the final candy, Void Fizz.

Who do you bring the Void Fizz to in Destiny 2?

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The Void Fizz item description tells you to bring it to the person who started you on this trading quest, so head back to Eris on the Moon. She’ll give you the last quest step, “The Dance of My People,” which tells you to perform the dance emote associated with your character’s race: The City Dance for Humans, the Popping Dance for Exos, and the Graceful Dance for Awoken. Once you do this near her, speak with her and she’ll give you five shaders and a toothbrush, which you can use to get a Festival of the Lost Triumph.