Box art - Death Stranding

Does Death Stranding have New Game Plus Mode?

The desire for a New Game Plus mode in Death Stranding is understandable. After all, many games now offer the ability to replay the story with equipment or items from previous playthroughs unlocked from the start. With the vast amount of weapons, equipment, and vehicles you can unlock, Death Stranding would be perfect for a New Game Plus mode. However, fans are likely going to be disappointed in this regard.

Does Death Stranding have a New Game Plus mode?

Unfortunately, there is no New Game Plus in Death Stranding. Each time you restart the game, it’s from scratch. There’s no carrying over past progress into a new playthrough. Any items, equipment, or vehicles you’ve unlocked will have to be earned again.

We’re not sure why New Game Plus isn’t included in Death Stranding. A guess would be that the game’s progression is somewhat tied to the equipment you have available. The game starts you off with very little, and as you progress, you earn more and more items and blueprints. However, there’s not really any solid, recognizable reason that New Game Plus wouldn’t be a possibility in Death Stranding.

Many games end up getting New Game Plus modes added after launch in an update. God of War, another great Sony exclusive, is a great example. It was released in April 2018 and didn’t get a New Game Plus mode added until August, four months after launch. It’s highly likely if fans demand it enough that Kojima Productions will find a way to add the mode at some point.

For now, you’ll have to be contented with the post-game content. You’ll likely have plenty left to do after the story concludes. You can max out your connection levels, find memory chips, and gain more porter levels. All these endeavors take a lot of time, and by the time you’re done with them, there may just be a New Game Plus mode available in Death Stranding.