Rainbow Six Siege Wamai | How to unlock, playstyle, ability, and more

As we are now in the midst of the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides test server action, we thought we better let you know all there is to know about the new Rainbow Six Siege Wamai Operator. In this guide, we’ll let you know how to unlock Wamai, as well as his weaponsability, and stats, in addition to the best Wamai playstyle recommendations. Find out all there is to know about the new Kenyan Defender Operator.

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai | How to unlock

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai

Before we let you know what kind of tricks Wamai has up his sleeves, we thought we’d better let you in on how to unlock him. Thankfully, if you already own the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 pass, you will unlock Wamai at no extra cost. Wamai should, hopefully, release on December 2, 2019, three weeks after Operation Shifting Tides has entered into the test servers.

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Unfortunately, if you don’t own the Year 4 pass, you will need to spend either Renown or R6 Credits to unlock Wamai. Wamai should cost 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits, just as other Operators have. If you have to unlock Wamai separately, too, you will need to wait for a week to pass following the Operation Shifting Tides release date to do so.

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai | Loadout and Ability

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai

As with any other Operator, Wamai comes packed with his own set of weapons and unique ability. There are similarities between Wamai’s loadout and that of other Operators, but you’ll find a unique playstyle waiting for you here given the combination of it all. Wamai is equipped with the following weapons and gadgets:

  • Primary Weapons:
    • AUG A2 Assault Rifle
    • MP5K Submachine Gun
  • Secondary Weapons:
    • Keratos .357 Pistol
    • P12 Pistol
  • Gadgets:
    • Barbed Wire
    • Deployable Shield

While none of Wamai’s weapons or gadgets are particularly special, it is worth noting that you cannot equip an ACOG to his AUG A2. It is also worth noting that Wamai is the first new Defender Operator to have an Assault Rifle, which is something a little different. Wamai’s strength, however, comes with his powerful ability.

Wamai’s unique ability is the Mag-NET System. This throwable magnet system device is rather useful. You’ll throw the Mag-NET system to stick it to any wall or surface and stare in amazement as it sucks in any projectile thrown within its magnet radius.

The Mag-NET draws any one projectile to it, resetting its detonation timer. Whatever the projectile is, it will be drawn to the Mag-NET and go off, as usual, taking the Mag-NET out, as well as any enemies or teammates that happen to be nearby. Hibana’s Pellets or Twitch’s Shock Drone Charges will not be drawn into the Mag-NET, however, but everything else will.

Thanks to the Mag-NET, you will be able to disable enemy projectiles and even use their own weapons against them, with good placement. There is a timer to the Mag-NETs, however, meaning you shouldn’t be able to use too many of them at once (you will begin any matches with two available), and they are easy to spot and destroy.

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai | Stats and playstyle

Thanks to his medium Speed and Armor stats, Wamai should be a relatively safe pick in just about any scenario. Wamai’s Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, and pistols should all come in handy across medium and close-range gunfights. You may find that Wamai is a little clumsy in long-range shootouts, however, with little in the way of zoom power.

Wamai’s strength lies in his Mag-NET ability, though. Proper use of his Mag-NETs could see you defending against incoming projectiles smartly. Poor Mag-NET placement could cause damage to yourself and your teammates, however, especially if you forget where you put them. Despite this, Wamai is at least a solid choice when it comes to slowing your enemies down. Some people won’t know how to react to his powerful ability.